Accounts Recovery Department

About the Accounts Recovery Department
Clients seeking professional services in commercial collection matters frequently do not know where to turn. Our Accounts Recovery Department was born over forty years ago in response to client’s frustration with the sometimes slow, costly and ineffective process inherent in collections. The law firm of Richmonds & Co., LLC offers a viable alternative. We provide clients with the essential collection service and support they need, backed by the thorough, broad-based, in-house legal expertise a collection case might require.

Our Accounts Recovery Department’s personnel are experienced non-lawyer credit and collection specialists accustomed to working closely with the firm’s litigation, insolvency, business and banking attorneys to assure fast, efficient resolution of collection matters. This combination and our focused approach create an effective team dedicated to providing expeditious and profitable service for our clients.

Local, Regional and National Coverage
Working with our Accounts Recovery Department on matters outside our geographic area is a carefully selected network of attorneys. Only the most qualified collection lawyers assist us in the handling of our clients’ accounts, and our constant contact with them ensures prompt and maximum recovery.

The Accounts Recovery Department at Richmonds & Co., LLC is uniquely positioned to offer our clients the full-service collection expertise they require.

The Service
Following demand for payment, the Accounts Recovery Department conducts a comprehensive investigation of every claim. This often includes a search of records at the Registry of Deeds and the Courts. Our sophisticated computer system operates online to the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s office, the Federal Bankruptcy Court, and the various land recording offices. This capability facilitates our research of each claim and what assets a debtor may have to secure payment. We also utilize our computer proficiency to keep our clients regularly informed as to the status of their matters.

The fee for services is contingent upon the collection – whether results are obtained through negotiation or litigation – or an hourly billing rate may be arranged if appropriate.

How to Start a Claim
In order to begin work on your collection matter, all we need is a simple statement of account, the name, address and telephone number of the creditor and the debtor, a short description of how the debt was incurred (i.e., goods sold and delivered, services rendered, breach of an equipment lease) and the name, address, telephone number and email address of the individual or individuals to whom all case-related correspondence and communications should be sent. All new matters and required backup documentation should be sent to Larry Richmond by e-mail at After checking conflicts of interest and after accepting the claim into our office, we will acknowledge receipt of the claim by email and immediately make demand on the debtor. Thereafter, we are committed to providing our clients with a prompt assessment of the likelihood of recovery, including, but not limited whether the debtor is operating or still in business and whether the debtor has any assets that may serve as an alternative source of recovery.